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About Translations Mexico

Translations Mexico is a translation company based out of Tucson, Arizona, providing professional translation services for the mining, mining engineering, energy, and environmental sectors. We specialize in Spanish to English translations that are specifically tailored to these industries. Our clients and their projects are based in Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and Latin America.

The mining, engineering, and environmental sectors use highly technical terminology specific to the industry. Translations Mexico understands the importance of working with a company that knows and understands this terminology.  We have a wide range of experience working in these sectors, and have the technical and subject matter expertise to accurately translate these technical terms in order to produce precise and accurate high-quality translations.  

Trust your translation needs to the company with the technical experience specific to your industry.

Open Pit copper mine in Chile; open pit mine


Arizona or nothern Mexico desert landscape

Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading services can include reviewing a previously translated document to verify accuracy, or simply as a second set of eyes to ensure an error-free and impeccable document.  This can include reviewing website text.

a collection system for a leach pad showing piping layout in Northern Mexico for a gold mining operation in Sonora Mexico

Translation Services

We offer translation services for all types of reports, documents, and forms, from single-page forms to large reports and document sets. We can translate documents in different forms: Word, PDF, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, and AutoCAD text.

conveyor feeder belt on a large mining operation

Document Formatting

We offer document formatting, from large reports to 1- or 2-page documents

Southern AZ open pit mine near Green Valley Arizona and Sahuarita for an open pit mining operation

Technical Writing

Technical writing and copy writing services are available, if you would like us to create marketing materials or text for your company or project.


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